Continuous series of cities I have visited from end 2009-current. ☟


Currently in BERLIN
Next stops: Istanbul – Berlin – Rio – São Paulo – Salvador – Maranhão – Recife – Berlin – Tokyo.


November 2014, my latest of the frequent visits to London, incorporated as a little street diary named “LOOK RIGHT”:


November 2014, outtakes from Magnum days in Paris:




February 2014, Salvador, Bahia:




October 2013, Marrakech, Morocco:




February 2013, Brasilia (in analog), Brazil:




June 2012, Paris (in analog), France:




May 2012, Lima y Cusco Peru:




April 2012, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Spain:




April 2011, Cappadocia, Turkey:




Somewhen 2012, Berlin & London, the cities I spend most of my time at (in analog):




January 2012, Napoli, Salerno, Pompeii, Costa Amalfi South Italy:




November 2011, – finally – in Moskow, Russia:




October 2011, in both Prag, Czech Republic and then Brussels, Belgium:




September 2011, in Venezia, Italy:




September 2011, visiting where my grandfather was born and grew up, San Rocco and surroundings.
San Rocco




June 2011, in Poland, Warsaw and Krakow:




April 2011, Istanbul, Turkey, Istanbul:




April 2011, in Norway,Oslo:




December 2010, second of many, many visits to Italy, Roma:




October 2010, first time in Portugal, Lisbon and Porto:




May 2010, in Budapest, Hungary:




May 2010, traveling through Czech Republic, Bratislava and Slovakia:




April 2010, rainy days in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland:




April 2010, in Liverpool:




April 2010, First of many visits to Hamburg:




February 2010. Back to São Paulo, Brazil for another month:




January 2010.Visiting Montevideo, Uruguay:




January 2010. One month spent in Argentina:




December 2009, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:




Mid 2009, Eastern/South Germany trip. Dresden, Freiberg, Nürnberg, Rothenberg, Alps, Füssen, Lindau: