Released on 12.12.12.

This is a self-published limited edition (250 copies ONLY), hard or soft cover, matte finished quality paper, 10×8 inches book with 74 pages. THE SOFT COVER VERSION IS NOW SOLD OUT.




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Shipping worldwide, price for hard cover is £50/€63/U$80/R$165 PLUS UK postage: + £8,5/ Europe: + €10/ USA: +U$20/ Brazil: R$45. Soft cover is £35 + shipping.Sent only by DHL secure post with tracking & insurance.


On a random night last August, my slumber was suddenly interrupted when I stumbled upon the idea of publishing my very own book. I then start doing it in intervals – day by day and sometimes week by week – until about the middle of November when I enjoyed long work-nights to have this completed on 12.12.12. It was all done independently and most of the people you will find in my portraits, are friends of mine, being photographed in the comfort of their own homes or surroundings. Most of these pictures were exclusively created for this featuring. Nonetheless, a few of those images were captured before the idea of this book was even a notion in my mind. The photos all date between the years 2010 and 2012 and were shot in London, Berlin, Kraków, Warsaw, Moscow, Budapest, Milan, Rome, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona, Madrid, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Cusco. The first idea was to collect and showcase those photos which I had already taken claimed as favorites. In contrast, I chose to produce a work that has little to do with what I did before. That is why I opted to name the book ‘O’. It is a cycle, a moving energy, which is a part of a regeneration and rejuvenation of one’s self. People, places, the spirit of creation and witnessing this creation. It always comes and goes. Existing. Vanishing, and being replaced so that something new can take place, until in its own due time, may come to its passing, too. Hence, I was fortunate enough to capture, for split-seconds, some of the things I loved and attempted to make them last a bit longer.

POSTCARDS ARE NOW SOLD OUT – For most of the photos featured on the book, there’s an outtake, a picture that almost made it… There’s no space for all of them, so I selected some of my favorite leftovers and created those 30 different options of postcards.